Dear South Croydon faithful,

I’m sure like many of us, you are craving to get your footy fix and let’s hope it’s not too far away.

We do know that footy will return at some point when the time is right and I really look forward to that moment to see us come together again and share in the joy that it will bring.

If the current situation has taught us anything, having something you love taken away from you whether it be football or something else, you gain a greater appreciation for what we do have.

A footy club is so much more than getting the opportunity to run around for 2 hours chasing a football on the weekend. Anyone involved in one would know they’re a special place to be around. Peeling back the layers, the community atmosphere it creates serves so many different purposes for people. Whether it be the social aspects of connections and friendships, the sense of belonging and being a part of something, competing in a team environment or simply having somewhere to go for an outlet to be able to switch off from the outside stresses of the world. These factors will shine through even stronger for everyone once we are reunited.

An update on the playing groups. The players are still working hard (the coaches are too – both men and women’s mounting strong cases that they could still play) and it’s been great to see the way players are approaching their fitness. Strava has provided a great competitive edge and platform to motivate and encourage each other.

Some players have improvised and could owe franchise fees soon if there not careful at the J45 studio (Jason Want, James Crowle, Chris Jones).

Others swapping their footy shorts for lycra and putting their hand up for the tour de Croydon racking up big K’s on the bikes.

Many of our female players taking advantage of the new Zoom craze and doing group work outs to stay fit.

Some of our older players, “the seasoned campaigners” are on more modified programs. They know who they are. Know your game hey Fitz!

I’m lucky enough to live with 3 fellow players in Max King, Lucas O’Neill and Alex Birch and boy do we need footy to return. I think the boys are a bit sick of me making them get kitted up every Saturday afternoon in their playing gear and practicing my pre game addresses and then running through the front door like we are running out onto the oval….

Some wise words from a few players to get you through these challenging times:

“If you want to enjoy the rainbow, sometimes you have to put up with the rain” – Stephen Dinnell

“Use the time in isolation as an opportunity to come out in a stronger position at the other end, whether that be work for some people or family life for others. Having better balance in all aspects of life” – Daniel King

“The only part of life you can control is your reaction” – Robbie Mallison

Keep approaching things with a positive mindset and doing the right things and before we know it we will be back on the hill cheering the doggies!

Go Dogs!

Love Dylan

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