THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS – Mobile Torque Services


In this difficult period without footy, we still want to give a shout out to our partners, some of whom have supported the club for many years.

Given you can’t see their sign on our fence or in the rooms for a while we can tell you about them here.

Dale Tucker is a loyal and strong supporter of our club. Jake and Cassie’s dad – two of our players, a Mudlark, players sponsor, fence sign supporter. So many ways in which Dale supports our club..

Sales and onsite service and calibration of torque wrenches. Torque wrenches are tools used to apply precisely a specific torque to a fastener such as a nut or bolt. It is usually in the form of a socket wrench with special internal mechanisms. Used where the tightness of screws and bolts is crucial.

Contact Dale if these services are needed by you or your business.

If you need these services (now or in the future) give an opportunity to those in our club family first. 👏🤜👏👏

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