Hi Folks,

There has been some recent movement in the football landscape, so I thought it useful to provide a short update on where things stand, along with a couple of other announcements.

You may have read that non-contact training will be allowed on ovals in two groups of 10 players. The EFNL has delayed approval to start until after 31st May to give clubs time to put in place the necessary protocols which include the appointment of COVID Compliance Officers for the club and the completion of online training and also working with council to get permission to train at Cheong Park again.
We are currently working through what a training schedule will look like with coaches and will advise further in the next few days, however unfortunately these will not be “open sessions” where the general members can come to watch.
The government is still saying all the right things about getting community sport up and running soon, but we do not have a firm view of any potential return to play dates at the stage or what a season schedule might look like. We will continue to work with the EFNL and the powers that be to hopefully get some sort of season underway soon.

Whilst we do not currently have match day costs, unfortunately we still have many expenses to cover from preseason and training and need to position ourselves should a return to play be possible. A number of of our wonderful sponsors have continued to assist the club during these tough times and we are very grateful for their support.
To further help cover those costs we will be launching a new initiative “The Dog House”. For a cost of $150- you will be included in 15 weekly draws for a prize of $350-
Look out for further information on how to join very soon.

You may also have seen the recent Facebook posts about the redevelopment plans. Whilst still at concept stage, all indications are we will have an excellent facility post the rebuild which is scheduled to start in November this year. The latest plans also include a small second balcony which is not evident in the 3D image on the council website. While by no means final, a copy of current floor plans are below to give you an idea of what is to come. We will be working closely with the Cricket Club to raise the necessary funds to properly fit-out the facility. We will keep members informed about how they can assist along the way.

Finally, our long awaited lights are having the final power works completed and should be ready soon.

I look forward to catching up with everyone at the footy, hopefully in the not too distant future…


Steve Duke

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